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Among the Wali Songo, Sunan Kalijaga occupied a special position. At the same time, a hero, mystic, artist, diplomat and magician, he acknowledged, especially in the great peacemaker and wise leadership. Born in Raden Mas Said, son of Regent Tuban, Sunan Kalijaga said that he converted to Islam after meeting with Sunan Bonang. Despite these religious center based in Kadilangu, Demak, where he was ultimately buried in their activities are not limited to this area, as well as in Central Java.

Sunan Kalijaga traveled far, the cost per year Cirebon, and even to visit Sumatra. In the field of culture, Sunan Kalijaga plays the role of the transformer. Furthermore, in order to preserve the traditional elements changed to adapt to new religious climate in order to ensure continuity of Java's rich cultural heritage. His contribution to the development of classical music and theater Wayang particularly well known. The famous orchestra, Gamelan Sekaten, originally from Sunan Kalijaga for use in Demak mosque, is currently in the Central Javanese courts of Yogyakarta and Solo.

Sunan Kalijaga in the role of peacemaker, perhaps better symbolized by semi-legendary history of the Great Mosque in Demak, said Wali Songo was approved during the night. Arriving late, without time to prepare and fallen tree trunk, Sunan Kalijaga column left of the other characters Walis! On that day, a column of Sunan Kalijaga, more than the rest, it attracts visitors to the mosque.

Ornament above the entrance to the mosque at Kalilangu, Demak. Two doves alight on the crowning ornament (mustaka) of the Kadilangu Mosque.

Interior of the Great Mosque of Demak, showing the four main pillars. The largest, in the foreground, was reputedly built by Sunan Kalijaga.

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